Celebrity Mom Jennifer Lopez Tops Forbes' Most Powerful List

The business of being a celebrity is just that, A Business.  This week Forbes released its annual list of the World's Most Powerful Celebrities.  The rank was based on money, social media, press, radio, tv, and web presence.  With her $52 million in earnings over the past 12 months, celebrity mom/singer/dancer/actress/American Idol Judge/fashionista made the number one spot, mostly due to her amazing comeback.  Everyone had all but written her off, until the motherhood, a judge spot on American Idol, a divorce, and a downpour of endorsements helped breathe life back into her career.  And yes, now she is $52 million dollars richer.  How about that?!

Maybe I'll never make $52 million in one year, or be a celebrity singer/dancer/actress/American Idol Judge/fashionista , but there is still inspiration to be found in her story for us regular mommies.  Perseverance.  Lopez was a 40+ year old mother and divorcee in an industry obsessed with youth, beauty, and sex.  She could have easily faded into obscurity.  Instead, she chose to fight to keep what she had worked hard to build.  So, just because we have crappy days where we feel like we've lost a few steps, it doesn't mean we can't get them back, and add a few more steps while we're at it.  The way I see it, I have a good 20 years left in my prime, and  I can do a lot of damage in that time frame ;).  It's all about staying hungry, and I don't mean starving myself so I can fit into that size 0 dress I wore when I was 20.  I mean, always striving, working, growing, and evolving.  It's hard work, but someone has to do it!

Other celebrity mom's who made the list include:

#6 Brittany Spears

#13 Angelina Jolie

#15 Beyonce Knowles

# 55 Sandra Bullock

#61 Gisele Bundchen

#75 Charlize Theron

#76 Sophia Vergara

#80 Julia Roberts

#86 Sarah Jessica Parker

#89 Reese Witherspoon

#93 Tina Fey

#97 Bethennyy Frankel

#100 Adriana Lima