Why is my son the worst napper in the world?! This kid seriously will not nap. We have gotten over a lot of little hurdles (colic, hating strollers, hating car seats, not sleeping through the night, etc), so at this stage in my motherhood, I tend to feel pretty positive that with a lot of perseverance, I can find a good solution for just about any problem my baby throws at me. When you're right in the thick of baby stage drama, it sometimes feels like you'll never make it out alive, and yet we always do, as long as we're consistent. But these nap times just aren't happening. I've tried every method I could think of. Some days he takes a nap, but mostly it's a 2 hour struggle to get him to sleep, which just feels a bit ridiculous.

It's like a cruel joke. Every time I think I've got him on a nap schedule and I'm feeling mighty pleased with my stellar mothering skills, Miles decides he has other plans. I think what he's really telling me is that I'll need to work a lot harder for that Mother of the Year Award :).

Currently, the only real solution is car-napping. I spent a nerve racking 1.5 hours this afternoon trying to put Miles to sleep, but he very sweetly refused So, I decided to go grocery shopping. Literally 5 minutes into the drive, Miles was completely knocked out. Thus, here I sit in the Whole Foods parking lot blogging while my son blissfully sleeps in his car seat (there is no way I would even consider disturbing a nap). Maybe this is not a true victory, but my son gets his sleep and I get a few minutes of quiet. I guess I'll take it.