Cambridge Plays Coy

All eyes were on Princess Kate last weekend at the BAFTAs.  In solidarity with the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement, attendees wore mostly black to the event.  People watched anxiously to see if the Princess would follow the Royal family path of staying mum on political movements - or forge her own path.  And, well, she wore dark green, with a black sash and a black clutch.  So, kinda a non statement, right? Like, she didn’t NOT wear black but she also didn’t wear black.  But, really, is #MeToo actually a politcal movement? Would it really be offensive for the Princess to make a statement against sexual harassment and assault? It certainly would have been a brilliant moment if she had! But I guess also out of character.  She’s always done the super vanilla, boring act quite well, which makes her a nice, compliant, quiet member of the Royal family, with zero scandals.  The most interesting thing that we usually have to discuss are her pregnancies, the direction of her blow-out on a given day, or an expertly tailored and exceptionally lovely overcoat. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. She’s very attractive, impeccably dressed and groomed (I wouldn’t necessarily say stylish), she sticks to her script (or lack of script - I really wish they would let her speak more.  I mean, she's a highly educated woman. Geez), completes her Royal duties perfectly, and is the perfect embodiment of poise.  It just feels like, it would be nice if we she was able to have and express an opinion, her own opinion, every once in a while.  I mean, this isn’t the 18th century.  OR maybe this is her opinion?  Maybe she is happy to be the beautiful Princess, playing her role, giving back in the ways and to the organizations deemed appropriate by the crown.  I mean, it's not a bad gig, right?  And given that she is not of Royal lineage, I also get the careful line she is walking, not wanting screw anything up.  There's a lot of pressure there.  So, maybe that dark green dress with a black sash was HER statement. Kinda like, yes I care, but not enough to go all in - I'm a Princess.... I don’t know.   But as usual, she did an excellent job of sidestepping controversy. Well played Princess, well played. 

On another more, where were Meghan and Harry?  Would it have been too de-classe for her to walk the BAFTA red carpet, since you know, she’s an actress? I mean, are the Royals trying to create some distance in that association? I’m sure Meghan would’ve worn black. 

Crystal AhmadiComment