Broken Bones


Sooooo yyyeaaahhhh, this happened.  My little five year old fell of the monkey bars and broke her arm. TWO BONES IN HER LITTLE TINY ARM. All because she was trying to be a bada** and show off.  Gotta love that kid! 

I feel like I officially became a mom yesterday.  Like, are you really even a mom if you haven’t paced around an emergency room clutching your pearls, shi**ing your pants over your child’s broken bone.  I kid, I kid.

But seriously, yesterday definitely felt like a test of my motherhood. Don’t puke at the site of her disfigured arm, stay calm enough so i don’t freak out my already suffering kid, ask the doctor the right questions, oh and  don’t strangle everyone in the ER for making you sit through HHHHHOOOOOUUUURRRRRSSSSSS of x-rays and waiting and x-rays and waiting.

So enough about me and my traumatic experience. My girl. My girl broke her tiny little arm.  And she barely cried!!! How is that possible? When I comb her hair, she screams bloody murder.  But she sat around a hospital for hours with a disfigured arm (they only gave her pain medication when they performed the re-alignement), and barely complained.  She was so brave.  All the staff were amazed by how contained she was.

Okay, now back to me. OMG, that was terrifying. The worst was the xray.  I had to hold her little body and help the tech manuever her little disfigured arm in just the right way so he could get a good xray photo.  Multiple times.  I wanted to cry.  Oh, I’m sorry, did I say that was the worst. Just kidding.  I stayed in the room while they re-aligned her broken bone.  AAAHHHHHHH. I’ll spare you the details. 


My favorite part was as she was coming out of sedation, her first words were, “I’m hungry, can I eat now.”  She was still groggy for a couple of hours, but she really wanted to go home to eat.  That’s my girl through and through. She is food motivated!! Lol. The doctors wouldn’t let her leave until she was fully awake.  So she kept trying to convince the doctors - eyes half closed, slurred speech -but over and over she kept insisting that she was fine and ready to go home. At one point she tried to get herself out of bed.  Nevertheless, she persisted!!  She is one strong cookie. Watch out worlds.  Not even broken bones can hold her back.


Crystal Ahmadi