Bribery at its Finest

So, I may have been a bit of an assh*le to my kids today. Like, not an actual assh*le, just a bit short on patience. I mean, how many times can two kids scream “mama,” before a girl’s left eye begins to twitch.  I mean, I think I might have even used the word asshole in front of my kids. Nope that’s not a might, I definitely did because I remember my daughter saying, “mommy used the ‘I’ word” and then my son chimed in with, “Not ‘I’ word ‘A’ word!”  Sigh...

So what’s a Monday weary mom to do?  Bribe my kids with chocolate cake. Yep. That’s me.  Winning at motherhood all day everyday. I felt so bad about being short on patience with them tonight, that I tried to buy their forgiveness by letting them make and eat a double layer chocolate cake...on a school night, on a Monday! It’s shocking to me that they actually went to sleep.  Luckily, earlier today I had already scheduled their dentist appointments for next week during spring break. The universe is so already knew.... #winning #momlife #letthemeatcake

Crystal Ahmadi