Well, I shared this on my instagram but didn’t post it here yet. Sorry!  

My 2019 motto is to BREATHE. My friends, my family understand what 2018 meant to me and my life. It was a year of survival; discovery, of WTF, of crazy, of happy, of freedom, of getting knocked down and getting back up, of making a fool of yourself, of finding yourself, of maximum sadness, of loss, of death, of family,  of happiness, of mama bear to the max. 2018 was one for the books.  

So I thought long and hard about what I wanted 2019 to mean.  And then I realized that I didn’t have an actual definition for the year. I didn’t have a real resolution - as these things go... I just wanted to BREATHE. Breathe through it all, absorb it all, process it all and enjoy the journey. Not react to every little thing, not internalize every little thing. Stop. Breathe.  Learn to trust myself and my process. Stop. Breathe.  Learn to turn off my phone and be present with my kids. Stop. Breathe.  Learn to be in a moment. Learn to try something new. Learn to take a chance. Learn when NOT to take a chance. BREATHE.

So, true story, two weeks in, it’s been a complete failure. But a year is 365 days. And the last few days have actually felt right, so, I have those days under my belt. Happy 2019. #breathe #mamainstyle #momlife #2019 .

Crystal Ahmadi