Boxing My Butt Off - Literally

My body hurts...EVERYWHERE.  I haven't worked out in 3 months.  And, you know, I couldn't just be a reasonable person and ease back into it, slowly.  

I decided that I needed a bit of motivation to actually get me back into a work out state of mind.  We all have that one thing that kicks us into gear.  Mine is Dance Church.  Its this crazy amazing class that's like a mix between zumba, pilates, and a big hippy dance party. I mean, at one point, the class culminates into everyone squeezing into a corner, and dancing around wildly (or really however you want to dance) together, and then holding hands.  I AM OBSESSED with this class.  It's a perfect release for me.  It's 90 minutes of non-stop shaking your ass and a hippy dippy love fest.  This is where I start when I need a motivation boost.  

After Dance Church, I refueled with a green juice, and then went to the gym to try a boxing class.  Now, somehow, in my mind I thought I was taking kick-boxing.  I talked my mom into joining me.  As soon as the class started, we were like WTF did we just walk into.  Jump roping, push-ups, real boxing gloves and sparring with partners!  It was epic.  Such a good way to let go of stress.  At one point the teacher was like, so you're pretty good at this, its like you have something naturally in you that just wants let go, it takes most people a long time to land a good punch.  Yikes, I'm not quite sure how I feel about that, but at least I had a crazy good time.  

So now, after doing NOTHING for 3 months, I'm  suddenly doing 2 classes in one day that completely kicked my ass.  I feel like my body is dying. Literally, I can barely move my arms.  I tried to my necklaces back on after a shower, I just could not lift them long enough to finish the task.  There is an area near my hips or pelvis or something that is throbbing and can barely move.  My knuckles are throbbing.  My knuckles!! I mean, WTF!   I CAN BARELY MOVE AND I COULDNT BE HAPPIER.  

Now I need to go shopping for some cute boxing gear, outfits, gloves, shoes.  I've just opened up a whole new world of possibilities! Lol. 

So, here's to trying new things.  



Crystal Ahmadi