Black Panther, Black Excellence

Do you remember when Obama was elected, and black folks everywhere literally held their breath through the entire inauguration because we just knew there was no way they were going to let a black man ACTUALLY become President of the United States.  I had the same feeling watching Black Panther.  I kept thinking, really, they let this happen? This beautiful movie filled with black excellence pouring out of every frame - this is really happening???  I really don't have much else to say right now except GO SEE THIS MOVIE.  I can't even put into words how amazing, how IMPORTANT this movie is.  The storyline, the actors, the imagery were all spectaturaly executed to show the complexity of the black experience - the dream of what it could be, could have been without colonization, and what it should be now.  Goddamn, this movie is so beautiful, characters are so beautiful.  Your mouth will be open the whole time. GO SEE THIS MOVIE!  #WAKANDAFOREVER

And speaking of black excellence, I got to spend my Wakanda evening with my BGC (black girl crew), plus my mama - decked in African prints and all black.  We started our night with Caribean food food at Jerk Shack munching on grits, jerk mac & cheese, plantains - OMG, so good!  Go try it. The night was good, so full of beauty and pride - I couldn't help but walk a little taller, with a bit more swag in my step the next day. #WAKANDAFOREVER #BLACKEXCELLENCE #REPRESENTATIONMATTERS

Crystal Ahmadi