Beyonce, Social-Media Maven?

According to The Wall Street Journal since the birth of daughter Blue Ivy, Beyonce is suddenly all over the Internet via social media outlets like twitter and tumblr. Has she become more engaging, or is it just another classic Beyonce publicity move. So, I have my own theory on this. I've always respected "Queen Bey" for her skills as a businesswoman, but I never really connected with her. She never seemed connected, I always felt like her eyes looked vacant. Like she actually was just a product without a person behind it. But I've been following her online since Blue was born, and I think Beyonce looks amazing. She looks happy, warm, radiant, and just really natural. They say that motherhood softens a woman, and perhaps that's what it did for Beyonce.  So maybe, just maybe, this softer side allows her to open up more and let the real person shine through so she can share her fabulous life with her fans.  I dunno, just a theory :)