Bedtime Stories and Magic

I don’t understand kids. I really don’t. Like they can’t remember to wipe their butts, but in the same breath can have these out of the blue profound revelations. Like, WTF is happening in those little brains?!? It’s so amazing. 

Today my baby turned 5. I’m not EVEN going to get into the emotional trauma to me of this event.  But I will say, Elle is such an interesting little spirit. She always amazes me in the most unexpected ways.

To keep away bad dreams, she’s been falling asleep to “Little Leaders, Bold Women in Black History.”  When I say falling asleep to, I mean literally falling asleep on top of open pages.  Yesterday, she fell asleep on Harriet Tubman’s page.  Tonight she fell asleep on the page of Alice Ball - chemist and medical researcher - fitting, since she wants to be a doctor.

But tonight before she fell asleep, she suddenly remembered something from a year ago.  One of our dear friends had read to her a page in the book on Nina Simone. Elle suddenly remembered this and started scowering through the book to find the page. She eventually found it. Instisted I’m reading it, and then listening to Nina Simone for our bedtime music. It was a beautiful, old soul moment.  This girl.  I don’t know what do with her sometimes. My kids constantly make me check myself and recalibrate and remember all the things that are beautiful and soulful and LIFE. 

Happy 5th birthday my darling. Thank you for being a part of our family.  Thank you for being a part of the world.

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