Another Fashion Star Favorite

This week on Fashion Star, as usual Sarah Parrott and Nikki Poulos both had their designs purchased by H&M.  I wasn't absolutely in love with Sarah's designs, but only because I didn't find them particularly mom friendly.  However, Nikki Poulos' comfy maxi dress was a must have.  My mom and I decided to make it our Wednesday tradition to go to H&M and buy a Fashion Star piece, go to lunch, etc.  It's really fun little outing.  And you absolutely have to go get these fashions the next day because they usually sell out.

I really actually wanted the blue and white dress, but my size was already sold out by the time we got to H&M at 11AM (pretty much right after the store opening).  I almost didn't get one at all, but my mom convinced me to at least try on the red number, and it is pretty cute, so I got it.

One of the things I like about Fashion Star for H&M is the price point.  This maxi was only $19.95.  As a mom, this is SOOO important because I refuse to spend a lot of money on something that will be worn to the playground (even if I also plan on wearing it out about town).  And yes, I will be wearing this dress on the play ground. :)