...and I'm Back!

20120206-041419.jpg Wow, it's been a while, but I'm back at it! I've missed my blog and sharing my Mommy moments, and boy have there been a lot of them; too many to fit into one post!

If I'm being completely honest, most of the time I haven't really felt like a "mama in style" since moving to the 'burbs. Thus, the lack of posts. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with suburbs, per se, but I'm now firmly convinced that some people are suburb people, and some people are city people. Sometimes city people move to the suburbs and happily become ingrained in that lifestyle, I, however may not be one of those. Only time will tell.

At least now I think I've graduated from the stage of hating the suburbs and fighting the fact that I live here. I've learned to appreciate the burbs for what they have to offer, like free parking, an easily accessible Target, and...., um, I'm sure there are other benefits I must be forgetting. :). Just kidding!! There are actually some great amenities here. A huge yard, lots of free classes and programs for toddlers, a really great network of play friends for Miles and their moms, lots of parks, zoos, and indoor play spaces. So, yes, there are a many great people and great things to do; yet, there's just a slight under current of boredom that drives me a little crazy. I'm all about being a mom and running around with my little Miles, but I want to do it while wearing leather pants and red lipstick and taking a champagne break. The other day my mom told me that some people here may find it offensive to drink in front of their kids. I honestly don't even have a response to that. All I can ask is: am I bad mom because Miles already knows how to do a cheers when adults hold champagne flutes or wine glasses? Living in the city, I would've thought that was totally normal, but since living here, I'm not so sure.