A Victorian Vacation


This past weekend my parents took my little trio for a family trip to Victoria, BC. And as is the case with all Perkins/Ahmadi adventures, mishaps, mayhem,silliness, and lots of love ensued. The trip really started the night before with my parents, my husband and I sharing a few bottles of champagne which lead to partly seriously and party hysterical confessions of our insecurities and f***ups.

The next morning our rag tag crew woke at 4Am to start our journey only to discover that we had left a ligh on inu dads car, so the battery wa dead. Lovely. After talking my dad out of his very muddled solution of driving back to our house in my moms car and then driving to Victoria in our car (this must've been a hangover talking), we jumped my dads car, and we're on our way. The only problem was that we were about 30 minutes behind schedule. The ferry for Victoria would be leaving in 2 hours and according my IPhone, it would take 2 hours and 15 minutes to get to the appropriate ferry terminal in Port Angeles. If we couldn't make the 8am ferry, we'd be stuck in Port Angeles until the next ferry at 4am. No thanks. Anyways, long story short, we made it to the ferry, thanks to dad's crazy driving. And the ferry ride was an adventure in itself as far as Miles was concerned :).


The next two days in Victoria were pure fun and fabulous memories. We stayed at The Fairmont Empress which is of course so lovely, but they also have a great pool, so Miles had a blast swimming.


We also had Tea Time at the Empress which is a long standing family tradition. My dad actually pointed out the table where he had Tea with his grandparents when he was a youngster. Being able to share those types of memories with my son is such an amazing feeling.


Our trip also included a bit of shopping, some mimosas, and an absolutely yummy brunch at one of the local favorites called Blue Fox. Fun times all around! There's really nothing better than family, and getting to enjoy your family while sharing traditions and relaxation is what life is made of.