A Mom's Guide to the Hottest Spring Trends

I love this fashion season.  I haven't been very inspired by the past couple of seasons, mostly because it was overrought with floral prints.  But these new trends, I can totally get behind.  What I look for in a trend is wearability.  I may love fashion, but at the end of the day I'm a mom and I don't have a limitless budget. So, I look for items that can last through a few fashion seasons, that can look great on almost any body type, and that can endure rough little toddler hands. I feel like most of my requirements are answered this spring, with a few exceptions, but those I will reserve for my special nights out.  Here's a list of springs hottest trends, with a little two cents from MamaInStyle:

Leather:  Oh leather, how I love you!  I am so happy the fashion gods deemed leather in for spring (b/c I would have been wearing it regardless).  As a mom, I have long been an advocate of leather.  It may seem weird, but leather looks luxurious on, but it's it's oh so easy to wipe away messes.

Black/White:  Ok, so maybe white isn't mom friendly, but black certainly is.  And if you're not comfortable wearing  an outfit consisting of white, keep it all black and add a white accessory.  It's not too difficult to add a pop of white to your outfit: a necklace, a belt, a purse.  What I love about this trend is it looks clean, sleek, modern, and its very wearable for any body type.  Anyone can make this look happen, and you don't have to go couture to make it look fabulous.

Show Some Skin:  Peek-a-book cut-outs, lace, and sheers fabrics are in and their hot!  Definitely not for the playground, but just what we need to remind our partners that we are still that sexy firecracker we were pre-baby!

Stripes:  Ok, this can easily go wrong - too many stripes is not cute on every body type.  But done right, think hip nautical-chic.  A simple striped blazer or shirt is all you need to rock this trend.

World Traveler:  Can't afford to take your family of 5 on a luxiourous, exotic vacation?  Get your travel fix with a global inspired piece.  Great for date nights, or girlfriend nights out.

Sporty Dresses:  Yay! I love dresses.  Nothing takes less time to put on while simultaneously making you look pulled together.  And this season is all about sporty dresses, so feel free to wear this to Whole Foods and Target :)

Bright Colors:  It wouldn't be spring without bright colors.  Add pops of electric blues and oranges to look like the perfect spring mama.