A Little Luxury

Whenever I read those little bios in Harpers Bazaar about a day in life of a fabulous designer, one of the most enviable activities Ive found was a morning soak in the tub with a cappuccino ( I think that was Tom Ford). I love baths! Few things make me more excited, and more relaxed, than a long soak with lavender salts, or basically anything with lavender (lavender is another obsession). So this morning, after my 5AM spinning class, when I got home I found that my husband and kids were still fast asleep...Guess what I decided to do? I made myself a cup of green tea (I don't own an espressos machine, so no cappuccino for me) and took a looooonnnggg bubble bath. Ahhhhhhhh! I feel like a million bucks! A good work out and a bubble bath?! I'm so zen right now, I'm not sure even the chaos of my two kids could snap me out of it.


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