A Hot Mommy and a Hot Mama

20120213-063338.jpg As far as I'm concerned, the Grammys last night were a major snooze fest. This photo of Gwyneth and Rihanna was my favorite part of the evening. I know a lot of people are annoyed with Ms Paltrow, but personally, I love her. Yes, she is pretentious, and slightly self righteous, but give me a break, she's rich, so her perspective often comes from that point of view, I can't fault her for that. Let her live her rich life, and I'm going to keep listening to her little sound bites. She actually has some pretty good advise on marriage, motherhood and health, especially on her website Goop

For example, she has a few cute suggestions for Valentines Day that are sweet, which don't require a lot of money. Like this little snippet:

"7AM or before they wake up:

Surprise them by pre-loading a playlist onto their Ipod (or getting a mix onto whatever device they use to listen to music) with whatever songs are significant to you two. You’ll be on their mind throughout their morning run, commute, etc."

This literally requires no cash (unless you need to buy a couple of 99 cent songs on iTunes), but is very sentimental!

Or this one:


Set an alarm on their phone to go off at this time that tells them to check their 1. pant pocket 2. wallet pocket 3. purse pocket, or whatever place you think they would not have naturally checked by now. In this pocket, you have placed either a love note, tickets to a play/movie/event that evening, a gift card to their favorite store, or an address and time of where and when they should meet you for a surprise evening activity of your choice."

Again, little or no cash involved, but this is almost guaranteed to make your sweety smile.

So anyways, like I said before, I really like Gwyneth, and I especially love that she's a sexy mommy! She looks so fab in this pic from the Grammys. And as for Rihanna, well, she's just a bad chick.