A Funny Anne Hathaway Post


This blog kills me! If you love celeb gossip, you have to follow Lainey! She has a witty and refreshing take on the whole celebrity thing.Like this little post on Anne Hathaway at last nights Golden Globes. Lainey totally gets. It's like, you really want to like Anne Hathaway, but you're constantly asking yourself of she's for real. She just seems so unnecessarily over the top. And just like Lainey, I too hated that "Thank you for the best string of yesterdays" line Anne said to her husband. I mean, who says stuff like that? I wanted to think it was sweet, but really, it was just a bit annoying. I try to cut girls like her some slack because I am that silly little girl who loves musicals and knows every line from every Audrey Hepburn movie, and I was obsessed with those 1950s Sandra Dee Gidget movies (i actually made all my friends watch them, and even some boyfriends - yikes) Yup, I'm pretty cheesy, but I genuinely love those things. So I really don't want to crap on sweet, melodramatic actresses like Anne, but yikes, she's not makin it easy. Anyways, enjoy the fun read:


(ps, I know this has nothing to do with motherhood, but I couldn't resist)