A Fun and Fab 2013 Golden Globes

20130114-220819.jpg That was an interesting night at the Golden Globes, was it not? Dare I say, I actually enjoyed watching this year... Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were fun to watch, although, I think we could have seen more of them. Argo and Les Mis had a big night, along with two of my favorite shows, Girls and Homeland. Take that Oscars, I'm sure Ben Afflick was saying to himself all last night, lol. And speaking of Homeland, I thought new mom Claire Daines looked stunning in her red Versace gown, and I loved how she thanked her son, who was in her belly during filming, for being a part of the show. So cute!

The Goddess Adele also had a big win for her song in Skyfall. How cute was she as she declared she was just just out for a night out as a "new mum" and didn't expect to win. You know that wasn't true though. If Adele's in a category, everyone else can just go home.

And another mom who stole the show, Jodie Foster. Not only did she look stunning (does she age??) as she accepted a Lifetime Acheivement award, she also created a lot of shock and awe with with her accptance speech. While simultaneously coming at as a lesbian, in her own way, she also gave a very moving speech about the meaning of celebrity and privacy. She then went on to thank her mother - who is suffering from some sort of mental illness - in a very heartfelt and heartrenching way. The twitterverse has been buzzing since that speech. Everyone is applauding Ms. Foster. Check it out below (its a bit long winded, but worth the watch)


Now to the fashion. I think everyone actually looked lovely this year. There was no "it color" that I saw everyone wearing, which was quite refreshing. I really hate seeing the same 3 colors on the red carpet. One of my favorite looks was actually Kate Hudson, in McQueen, but it really annoyed me how she said she chose her dress for comfort. Was she being facetious, cheeky, self-depricating? Theres nothing"comfortable" looking about that dress. Whatever Kate. I feel like she's making a lot of weird comments in the press lately. Anyways, I thought Anne Hathaway looked lovely, but her look was a little quiet considering how hard she's been campaigning for a Golden Globe and Oscar win, but maybe she's waiting to bring out the big guns at the Oscars. Here's a look at some great dresses last night.













And just a closing comment. What happened to Jessica Chastain. I love her. She's a brilliant actress and she dresses up beautifully, but what happened here?? I mean, who is her stylist and what were they thinking? The color, the fit, it's all wrong. Yuk, I hate that color!  Does anyone look pretty in foam green? And that hair?! Yikes. Poor Jessica, it was such a big night for her with an amazing win, and she really didn't look the part. Oh well, we can't win 'em all.