A Diverse and United Electorate Gives Obama Four More Years


What a night, what a night. After a hard fought battle on both sides, President Barack Obama remains the 44th President of the United States of America.

I hosted a small election day party, and literally could not stop stuffing my face with food. I was so nervous. (Check out some of my tweets here.) I went into the day yesterday thinking there was a good possibility that The Obamas would be leaving the White House. After all, the polling data showed that the candidates were close, and it seemed that women, young people, and minorities might not come out to support Obama as much as in 2008. Welp, looks like I was wrong, and I have never been so happy to be wrong in my life.

As I've been reading through Twitter feeds and blog comment sections I've seen a remarkable amount of angry people who say the country is divided and Obama has ruined the country by creating a divisive atmosphere over race and sex. I really could not believe my eyes. And perhaps these people weren't using their eyes (or brains for that matter). During the election night, if you watched the news where they showed polling locations and election party events, you would get a real picture of what is going on in this country. We are becoming more inclusive, more united, not less. The places with Obama supporters consisted of Latinos, blacks, women (of all races), men (of all races), young, old, rich, poor, educated, blue color. It was a beautiful rainbow of support. Romney's camp didn't look quite as colorful. Even Republican pundits had to admit that they need to do a better job of including women and minorities.

The reality is, the country is changing. Change is good, but it's also hard, and most people just don't adjust to change well. I don't think Obama is perfect. He has a lot of work to do, and the verdict is still out as to whether he can do it all. However, what I love is that we have FINALLY become a country where ALL it's citizens have a voice, and that voice can be heard.

In other historic news, Washington, my home state, totally Rocked the Vote. We elected a democratic Governor - Jay Inslee (although McKenna hasn't officially conceded), legalized gay marriage, and legalized marijuana. Oh, and let's not forget what an amazing night it was for women!!! Congress will now have at least 20 female senators, the most ever in U.S. history! These women include Democrats Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Baldwin - the first openly gay Senator, and Mazie Hirono - the first Asian American Senator. Man, what a night.


By the way, looks like Sasha and Malia in are following in their mom's beautiful and fashionable footsteps. They looked so cute last night! Loves them all!!