A Cleanse & Refresh

Self care has become and important part of my life lately.  I neglected it for years, but have come to realized that the only way for me to make through my jam packed life is to make sure I take care of myself.  I started off small, finding little things, little pockets of life that recharged me. A bubble bath, a night at the bookstore, and evening with my ladies, a jog through the park. And I’ve been slowly making sure to incorporate self care consistently into my life.  

And his week felt like the right time to take it a step further.  I’ve been thinking about being a vegetarian for a long time. There are a lot of reasons, but the main one is the history of cancer in my family.  And lord knows I haven’t lived the healthiest life all the time. Too many wine nights, too many burgers, etc. So, I think it’s time to work on that a bit. 

I’m starting out with a cleanse.  I do these little cleanses periodically and I feel great afterward.  The only problem is that I’m exhausted for the 3-4 day cleanse period so I’ve put off doing it for a while - because I DO NOT have time for anymore exhaustion!  So this time, I chose a different tactic, I chose a weekend where I knew I had some time to myself.  And then I tried to push through the exhaustion with excercise (I usually don’t excercise during a cleanse because I’m too tired) . So yesterday I hit the gym and did a long run followed by an even longer steam and sauna session.  I don’t know the sciencey reasons behind it, but I will say doing it that way helped my energy level throughout the day.  I also kinda cheated a bit and allows myself a cup of coffee - so maybe that also helped.  But I kept it black - no cream! Lol.

I will say that my evening wasn’t as great. I had a really hard time sleeping and did a lot of sweating. Which was good for the detox, so I’ll roll with it.  Anyways. I’m going to try my theory again and go for a long run. Wish me luck!  One more day and my cleanse is over! Then it will be onto the real challenge, being a vegetarian 😬😬😬😬❤️💪🏾👏🏾

Crystal Ahmadi