Pampered Mama: Carol's Daughter

Welcome to the first installment Pampered Mama! Before baby, a day of pampering was realistic. After baby: I'm lucky to get an hour to myself (although I must admit it has gotten significantly easier now that I live near my parents). As a new mom, I've learned that I have to find little ways to feel good about myself, or treat myself well. Just because I don't have time to pamper myself with a spa day or an entire afternoon of lunching and shopping with girlfriends, doesn't mean I can't find joys in the little things. From exhilarating short work-outs to luscious smelling candles, to a yummy new lip gloss, sometimes it's the little things and the little moments that can I can create to help me feel a wee bit fabulous (or at least not like crap).

So, these posts will focus on little things I've found that make me smile and are also realistic for busy, sleep deprived moms.

Today's Pampered Mama feature is Carol's Daughter. This is a beauty line of completely natural hair and body care products. With ingredients like Tahitian Monoi oil, Jojoba oils, vanilla, shea butter, honey, and mangos, not only are the products great for hair and body, but they also smell so yummy. Whenever I use a Carol's Daughter product, the smell is so fresh and delicious, I actually feel like I spent time at a spa. An added bonus is that my husband always comments on how great I smell. Can't beat that!