5 Ways Moms Can Find "Me Time"

In slight contradiction to Jillian Michael's quote (and most mom's general feelings) about the difficulty of putting ourselves first as moms, I recently read an article articulating the opposite. In an article titled "How Women Lose Themselves in Motherhood" this mom advocates the importance of "me time," and she laid out a few helpful suggestions. I thought I'd pass them along: Here are 5 Ways to Reconnect with Who You Are After Motherhood: 1. Create a weekly ritual that allows you some time alone. Select the same day and time of the week and schedule this time on an ongoing basis. 2. Ask yourself, "What can I do right now to make me happier?" Whether it's being happier at home, at work, finding a new hobby or volunteering, your next step is to act on what you have realized. 3. Create a vision board of simple goals that you have for your life. Include your plans like graduate school, starting your business, losing 50 lbs from pregnancy or completing a 5k, for example. 4. Enjoy something that you did before you were pregnant like ride a bike or travel. 5. Join Social Media communities to connect with other women that you can relate with and that might have non-judgmental solutions to help you in your journey.

Some of these might be a bit cheesy, like the vision board thing...at first I thought "what is this, high school?!" but then I realized it's kinda a good idea. I'm the type of person who needs plans, I need to be able to see where I'm going, and isn't that basically what a vision board is. It's a bit like having a schedule, only with pictures, and it captures your schedule months or even years ahead. Not a bad idea.

The honest truth is that all these ideas take effort and time, and often feels like as moms we don't have any of these to spare. But I realized that I do, I just need to dig deep to find it :) For example I have this need to always be around my husband and son 24 hours a day. But I really don't need to be there hovering constantly. It's a little cray cray. Plus, it really is so special and critical for Miles and his dad to have papa-son time,and in those moments, I can work on me time.