25 Weeks Pregnant (halfway through the 6th month)!

Another week, more adventures in pregnancy land.  As with the prior couple of weeks, I’ve been feeling remarkably well.  This is something I am grateful for everyday.  Although back pain has become an issue, I was able to pinpoint one major cause: long walks.  Since we live in the city, my husband and I tend to walk everywhere, which is great for the figure, but puts a lot of pressure on my back with this added baby weight.  But now, instead of waiting for the dreaded back pain to explode the next morning, I’ve learned to be proactive.  After I get home from a long walk, I immediately put the hot water bottle on my lower back (even if I’m not yet feeling any pain).  So far, this has worked great!  Sometimes I will also do a few extra stretches before bed and sleep with the hot water bottle on my back if it has been an especially strenuous day.  For example, this past weekend my husband and I went to an art auction a few blocks from our house, and of course I was trying to be cute so I wore my favorite pair of Glory Chen ankle boots.  Although these shoes are generally perfectly comfortable, throw in a 6 block walk home after 3 hours of walking around looking at art, and that could have been a recipe for back pain hell.  But, thanks to my new best friend, the hot water bottle, and a few pre-bedtime stretches, my back was in top form the next day! As far as the baby goes, my little guy is as active as ever. So far, I’ve noticed a few patterns in his movements: he moves a lot at night when I’m laying down, he moves a lot when I eat (anything spicy causes vigorous punches, so I’ve learned to stay away from anything with bite), he is very active when music plays, he becomes quiet when there is a lot of activity (examples: the art auction, my baby showers), and he is active when we read to him.  My husband has taken up taunting the little guy by poking at my belly and watching the baby kick in response.  I am sure this is not an activity recommended in any parenting books, but it is quite amusing.  My husband just laughs and laughs at what a funny little guy our baby is.  We already think our son is the cutest little thing ever!  I feel like his personality is starting to show, which I could be completely making up in my head, but I’m willing to write  my delusion off as a symptom of mommyhood.

Besides his movements, here are some other things that happen with my little guy in the 25th week:

  • He weighs over 1.5 lbs
  • He is between 9-13.5 inches
  • He is growing more hair
  • Capillaries (small blood vessels) are forming and filling with blood under the skin
  • His lungs are developing capillary lined air sacs, which prep him for breathing
  • His nostrils are beginning to open this week
  • Vocal chords are functioning, which could lead to hiccups (I’ll be on the lookout to see if these movements feel different from his other movements)