2013 Oscars Recap

So, the Oscars happened...What did you all think?  I think everyone is consistently underwhelmed by award shows, but we all tune in. This year Seth MacFarlane was the host, which I KNEW was going to be a big mistake.  MacFarlane hasn't been funny since about the third season of Family Guy.  Most of his jokes were offensive and lacking humor.  I felt really uncomfortable for him...Although, I must admit that there were a couple of inappropriate "jokes" I did chuckle at.  When MacFarlane spoke about Daniel Day Lewis' renowned commitment to his roles by staying in character he asked about staying in character as Lincoln "when you saw Don Cheadle, did you want to free him."  Yikes, offensive, but kinda funny.  Or when he spoke about Jessica Chastain's character in Zero Dark Thirty and how she spent 12 years on the one assignment to find Bin Laden, and he said it was a testament to a "woman's ability to never let anything go."  Again, an offensive stereotype, but I had to laugh, because, I actually am that girl.  So yes, he had some moments, but even the good ones were uncomfortable. In general, while being boring with splotches of inappropriate and humorless jokes, there were some overall good moments.  My favorite moments of the night:

Ben Affleck's Oscar Acceptance Speech.  I've never been a big fan of the Affleck's.  I just didn't really buy them as a loving couple (not that it's any of my business).  Plus, they just seemed bored when they were photographed together and to me, as a couple I found them too boring to garner (no pun intended) much interest. They always look sloppy, with their bad jeans and sweatshirts, yuk, it drives me crazy.   But that speech, that won me over.  They're darling.  I'm now team Bennifer 2.0.  After winning for Best Picture, Ben was adorably emotional and flustered.  And not only did he thank his wife for her support, he thanked her for working on their marriage for 10 years, and admitted that marriage is hard work.  Yes! That was a beautiful moment.  One of the things that is wrong with our society is that people want things to come easy, relationships included.  People don't realized that marriage takes work.  I doesn't have to mean "hard" work, I just mean, you have to put in the effort, and clearly Ben and Jen put in the effort.  Cute.


Jennifer Hudson.  Ms. Hudson reprised her role as Effie from Dream Girls and sang "I am telling you," a role which won her an Oscar a few years ago.  And boy did she prove herself, as always.  She totally nailed that song. It was so good that during her performance my two 1/2 year old son said "mommy, what's her name, I want to kiss her."  Enough said.

Adele.  There is a reason why the Goddess Adele is unversally loved.  She is beautiful, and timeless, and in a land of phonies, she comes across as so genuine.  Her performance of Skyfall was lovely, and when she won the Oscar for her song, she was just so, normal.  So shocked, and honored and gracious.   I love her.

Jennifer Lawrence.  I kind of wanted to dislike her, only because everyone fawns all over her, and I really didn't see how she could possibly be better than like, Jessica Chastain or Naomi Watts.  But she is just so loveable.  I mean, she fell on her way up to accept her Oscar for Best Actress. And not a little fall, like a serious face plant.  And then when she finally made it to the stage and the audience gave her a standing ovation she joked that they were only standing ofr her because she fell.  She's refreshing.

Fashion.  Fashion is the one thing most of us watch these award shows for, right?  I really enjoyed the fashion this year.  There wasn't one overall theme or color.  Yay!  I hate themes, they drive me crazy because I like to see variety.  I want to see a million fabulous dresses on a million fabulous bodies.  Call me crazy.  This year, I think this year we got it!  Here are some of my favorite looks of the night (honestly, how insane is Naomi Watts' dress?):